ICBE 2018

West Papua Holds Biodiversity Conference

West Papua Provincial Government will hold an international conference on biodiversity, ecotourism and creative economy to optimize the utilization of natural resources of community empowerment in the area.

Head of West Papua Provincial Research and Development Agency as well as chairman of the International Conference on Biodiversity and Creative Economy Team, Charly D Heatubun in Manokwari, said Sunday that the event will involve a number of countries, local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) mupun international.

He explains, this activity to show to the central and foreign governments about the government of West Papua’s greediness in implementing provincial conservation programs.

“There is a target that we want to get, that is to reflect the spatial and regional plan in order to depict West Papua as a conservation province,” he said.

Charley wants a paradigm shift, especially the central government, that efforts to conserve tropical forests in both Papua and West Papua are part of development capital.

“This is a fiscal incentive given central to the region to support sustainable development efforts, because we know that sustainable development gools has been ratified and committed to all countries in the world,” he said.

"Provinces of Conservation: Smart Solution for Sustainable Development in Papua"