ICBE 2018

Objectives. Target. outcome


  • To introduce the concept and initiative of the Sustainable Province as a smart solution for sustainable developments in the entire Tanah Papua.
  • To review the biodiversity state of Tanah Papua, challenges, and opportunities in implementing the Sustainable Province and sustainable development.
  • To promote and build an understanding on sustainable development by generating values of Environmental Services and creative economy, revisiting natural resources management to internalize biodiversity conservation and create benefits for indigenous Papuans.
  • To adopt and revitalize the existing indigenous knowledge in natural resources management and enhance local community participation in nature conservation initiatives, natural resources use and economy improvement.
  • To access opportunity and feasibility of setting up crowd funding and trust fund as part as creative funding to support biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
  • Realization of strong Commitments from the Government and Local Governments in the Land of Papua, Partners and Communities for the implementation of Sustainable Development and making the Land of Papua the best reference for Sustainable Development in Indonesia.


  • Legalize (enact) Special Regulation on West Papua as Conservation Province;
  • Propose Special Regulation on the recognizing community tenurial rights on natural resources;
  • Revise the current spatial planning (RTRW), with main objective to set aside 70% land under protection status;
  • Review the existing mechanisms and procedures on permits for land conversions, especially for large scale agriculture and mining, with main objectives to reduce deforestation, increasing benefits for local community and government; meet or in line with environmental and sustainable principles; and increasing participation of community and local government participation in the processes;
  • Declaration of new conservation areas or revise the current conservation status to accommodate active management that could be benefitted local communities surrounding conservation areas;
  • Propose new policy and mechanism which allow for direct payment to West Papua/Papua Provinces under climate or carbon fund schemes to support low emission and sustainable developments, and conservation works;
  • Prepare road map for green economic development for West Papua that include secure commitment from major private sectors to use only green products;
  • Signing of the MoU between the Papua and West Papua Provincial Governments on the Joint Vision for Sustainable Development in Papua and Development Cooperation in the Land of Papua
  • Securing agreement (MoU) between West Papua/Papua to embark on the establishment of Natural History Museum and Capacity Building Program to enhance natural resource and conservation management capacity;
  • Securing agreement (MoU) between Papua Barat Province, Minister of Fishery, and Minister of Forestry and Environment to support conservation works in West Papua; and
  • Propose to national government and provincial new mechanism or formula for budget allocations that take into account the extent of natural forest cover maintained and or existing conservation area within regency boundary


Diharapkan hasil Konferensi dapat menjadi landasan dan gagasan bagi Pemerintah Papua Barat, Pemerintah Papua dan pemangku kepentingan lainnya dalam pelaksanaan Provinsi Konservasi di Tanah Papua. 

  • Tersedianya informasi ilmiah tentang status, tantangan dan kesempatan pelestarian keanekaragaman hayati sebagai data dasar (data base) dalam perwujudan Provinsi Konservasi.
  • Pemahaman dan gagasan pembangunan berkelanjutan dan pemanfaatan jasa lingkungan dan ekonomi kreatif yang memperhatikan pelestarian serta memberikan manfaat bagi masyarakat lokal di Tanah Papua.
  • Pemahaman tentang pengetahuan traditional masyarakat dalam pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam, dan merumuskan peran dan tanggungjawab yang dapat dilaksanakan masyarakat lokal dalam pelestarian keanekaragaman hayati serta pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam.
  • Tercapainya kesepakatan bersama (memorandum of understanding atau letter of intent) Gubernur Papua dan Papua Barat, dan para pihak terkait tentang pembangunan berkelanjutan, termasuk pelestarian dan pengelolaan keanekaragaman hayati, pemanfaatan jasa lingkungan dan pengembangan ekonomi kreatif berbasis keanekaragaman hayati dan budaya – secara khusus kesepakatan dimulainya pembangunan museum sejarah alam Tanah Papua (The Natural History Museum of Papua) di Manokwari.
  • Terbentuknya inisiatif untuk pengadaan pendanaan berkelanjutan untuk mendukung kegiatan pelestarian alam dan pembangunan berkelanjutan lewat pendanaan masyarakat (crowdfunding) atau dana abadi (trustfund) dalam mendukung pelaksanaan Provinsi Konservasi.

"Province of Conservation: Smart Solution for Sustainable Development in Papua"